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In-Store Korean Food Sampling


A Common Language That Brings Us Together

I don't think anyone would disagree that Eating and Drinking are two human pleasures that are universal are are not going away no matter what.  Even with the current COVID-19 conditions, we manage to be creative and find new ways to satisfy our need and quest for new and exciting foods (even if we have to cook it ourselves!).

Throughout history, food has served as a way for people to spread their culture to other regions (think of the Silk Road where teas and silks were transported from China to Europe and spices and pasta were going back in return).  No spoken or written language necessary to understand FOOD!

I know is probably going to be awhile until we can travel freely again, but no matter what country I find myself in, I can be sure to find the markets where locals go and buy their everyday ingredients for  meals.  I always make a point to check out their local markets to discover good eats and local treasures.  It is definitely my favorite part of any trip - just like a treasure hunt.  If you have experienced great culinary feasts while traveling, please email us at to be featured on our website!

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