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In Love with Antiques!

Ever since I filmed an episode on Fremont, I fell in love with the antique stores in the history Niles District ( I browsed through a couple that day, and bought two sets of mid-century glass cups and saucers. And that is how my collection of antiques began.

That was back in September 2020. Fast forward a few months later, I now have collected five to six sets of cups and saucers, a set of glass serving utensils, and a variety of pins and costume jewelry sets that I bid and won on Ebay. I tend to gravitate towards Japanese made vintage jewelry and mid-century things made of quality glass or crystal.

Maybe as I get older, I really want to use and own things that have a place in history. It also means a lot to me that they were well-made, by hand, if possible. That saying ‘they don’t make them like they used to’ is totally true. Once you have held a piece of vintage glassware or jewelry in your hand, you know there is no comparison in the pieces made today.

I would like to think that I am hopefully giving those forgotten pieces a new life, as I use and cherish them everyday. I think their original owners would be happy knowing that their beloved pieces are being enjoyed and cared for after them. I think when I have a few more pieces, I will film an episode on them to allow a lot more people to enjoy them, at least on screen. And hopefully, it will inspire a few souls like me to actually seek them out and build their own collection.

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